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Sustainable design furniture for different uses, family members and generations made from upcycled HDPE plastic.

MINIMONO creates durable and multifunctional furniture with the principles of circular design. We upcycle HDPE plastic sheets into items fit for different ages and purposes, with the aim of encouraging a positive consumption pattern that inspires the youngest user.

Our brand is based on five principles

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Circular Design

Our durable furniture can be used for various functions and by different family members.


Despite it being meant to last a lifetime or be passed to another kid or adult, if an item is no longer wanted, we commit to collecting it for recycling.


We are a multicultural couple based in Berlin trying to create a better future for – and with - our two children.

In the process, we’ve come to realize two facts about the waste we produce as a household. One, kids’ furniture made only for the fugitive years of childhood is not efficient. And two, a piece of plastic won’t decompose in our children’s lifetime.

After this double enlightening realization, we felt compelled to try to put our past experiences to work and turn them into alternatives for the future. And this is how an architect, together with a furniture maker, seek to add value through entrepreneurship. Our drive is to turn discarded plastic into life-lasting furniture - adaptable to multiple uses, environments and generations.



In the belief that durability is key to sustainability, we create multi-generational and durable furniture that has multiple uses for different people.


We take the environment into account in every business decision we make, trying to keep the impact of even the smallest act as low as possible.


Far from being a drag on growth, we believe that the circular economy is the only possible form of long-term development and wellness.


We understand sustainability as an ultimate purpose that helps us to make the right product and business decisions.


We welcome any suggestions that bring us closer to our goals of reducing waste and encouraging positive consumption. Please get in touch if you have proposals, propositions or recommendations!


We are plastic appreciators and believe that plastic should be treated as anything but a waste. The plastic already produced will stay with us for decades, so let's make the most of it!


In order to ensure its longevity of use, we design furniture with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Kids love it, but their parents crave it too.


We choose exclusively partners and suppliers who share similar sustainability values to our own.


We try to promote a sustainable way of life and understand sustainability goes beyond the environment, to also being mindful of our personal impact. We are a family business with limitations, but with an honest and genuine desire to do well, stay accountable and constantly improve.


Last but not least our products have an “end-of-life guarantee”: we offer to re-buy the pieces from our customers to retain ownership of the valuable material and take responsibility for keeping it in use by making new sheets or turning it into new MINIMONO products.

We still hope you can use your MINIMONO for many years, and when you don´t need it maybe find somebody who does, but if you really want to use this service get in touch with us!